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Today we find ourselves in a situation a lot of us weren’t quite ready to face. The demands of an entirely remote workforce put a huge strain on networks resulting in less than optimal performance and security implications. Are you one of the users or organizations affected by this?

By focusing on improving productivity and security for a strictly remote workforce, we’ve come up with several innovative solutions that we would love to demonstrate to you. Below are just some of the approaches we’ve successfully implemented for our customers.

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Add Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop to your existing network

Improve the performance of remote access for your workforce by adding Windows Virtual Desktop to almost any network environment. Without an impact on existing infrastructure! We’ve done this for many others; let us show you how we can help you too.

Add Microsoft Teams to make your remote workforce more connected

Our experience shows that companies that have transitioned to Microsoft Teams achieved a 21% improvement in employee satisfaction and productivity. Teams are different from Slack or other solutions on the market. Let us show you how and why we recommend this approach.

Go Server-less, but remain fully secured with Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace

Digital Identities

With the cloud-first approach, and especially during the current crisis, many companies are choosing to transition to an entirely cloud-based operation for some or all their departments. Did you know that this approach improves your security? Contact us and let us show you why.

By helping your organization improve remote operations, we hope to make your employee’s lives just a little easier during this crisis. Fill out the form below and let’s find the right solution for you!

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“The improvement in our workflows and online communication is amazing. We’re so thankful to be working with you.” Melissa G.

“We appreciate their (Imagis) attention to detail, quick response and cooperation in keeping our company fully supported.” Michal F.

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