Need to work from home urgently? No problem.

If the current health crisis is causing chaos in your life, it doesn’t have to impact your business. A simple, easy-to-deploy technology solution may be all you need to work remotely, virus free. Secure users, apps, and devices across your organization with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, file sharing, virtual desktops, our zero-trust security model, and our ecosystem of serverless cloud solutions designed for remote work.

Host virtual meetings

Social distancing has never been easier than it is with Microsoft Teams. Keep projects moving, work with your team, and close deals from the comfort and safety of your home. You can host meetings with 2‒200+ participants, record them to share with anyone who cannot attend, and even whiteboard online. You may never go back to the office again.

Collaborate on shared documents

Imagine working on a single document with multiple authors in real time, while keeping a digital version history to track changes and revisions. Put your productivity concerns at ease with Microsoft 365, where you can chat with collaborators directly from within the document you’re editing.

Communicate quickly and effectively

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to be isolated from the world. Reach your clients and colleagues with live chat features, message boards, “meet now” and dial-out functionalities, and robust email—all in a single solution. Leverage the crisis communications feature to send broad corporate announcements and updates as your Work from Home policies evolve.

Secure your business

Concerned that working remotely might jeopardize your business-critical data and confidential IP? Fear not. Our team of IT experts can keep your business safe with our modern security solutions that can be scaled up and accessed quickly in the cloud. We’ll protect you from cyber viruses while you protect you from physical viruses.

Reach out. Virtually, of course.

Keep your business productive and profitable while practicing good social distancing. Increase revenue while reducing your exposure to viruses and germs. Sign up to learn more about our Work from Home technology solutions today.

Enable your team to work from home.

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