IRS Section 179

Looking for lower business taxes while getting the great technology your company needs to be competitive in today’s ever-changing landscape?

The federal government has a fantastic program that will let you write  off up to $500,000 when you invest in new information technology by the end of 2017. Yes, that’s a cool, half-million dollars you can save.

Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code is designed to get you to invest in new technology.  Why?  The feds know that using up-to-date technology will help your company grow, and keep our economy growing.

We all know that computers and technology aren’t going anywhere. The companies that invest in the right information technology often benefit from double, and sometimes triple-digit growth.  Those that don’t, typically lag behind and struggle to stay in business.

Make a note on your calendar: Section 179 is only available to U.S. companies until the end of the calendar year.

What to take part in Section 179 this year?  Great! Now’s the time to meet with one of our IT professionals and plan for your new technology and upgrades. 

Please don’t delay. 

In order to qualify for Section 179, systems must be purchased, invoiced and put into place before December 31st in order to qualify.

Imagis is your trusted IT partner.  We’ll ensure you get the right advice, and your business has the technology solutions to fuel your growth in 2018.