The value of IT

IT is more than just your hardware and software. It’s the infrastructure of how your business operates. No matter what size your business is, it needs IT to work efficiently and grow. It’s important for your staff and your customers.

However, sometimes team members don’t see the true and substantial value of IT. A study by ITSM found that only 13% of professionals know exactly how IT investment positively impacts their business. This suggests that more internal communication and learning should be part of an organization’s culture.

This misperception of value has not diluted spend as IT spending in the U.S. was $3.75 trillion in 2018. With it being such a big part of any company’s budget, decision makers often seek ways to reduce costs while sustaining the value with tactics like using managed IT services.

It’s easy to blur the lines between your business needing technology and technology being your business. Your IT should provide value but shouldn’t consume your operations, which is another reason firms are becoming more reliant on professional IT services.

Yet, it’s still important for leadership and all employees to understand the value of IT, regardless of how it’s executed or employed. Let’s look at how it brings value to the business.

Enabling modern and effective communication

Technology provides many ways to communicate with customers, internal staff, and partners. Communication with customers and prospects often starts with your website, which is one of your most vital assets and something that’s supported by IT infrastructure.

Internally, IT allows you to communicate seamlessly through messaging apps or simply by email. Without a robust IT infrastructure, you’d be very limited in how you could communicate.

Operational efficiency

There are many aspects of IT that keep your business running efficiently. One of the most important elements is the use of the cloud. With cloud migration, your business can run your organization’s technology ecosystem in a revolutionary manner. By leveraging the right cloud strategy, you can streamline processes and deliver new capabilities. You’ll find it offers a competitive edge and helps attract new team members as the cloud provides employees the ability to work from anywhere securely. This equates to greater flexibility, which most workers desire in the modern workforce.

Enhances security

Cybersecurity is top of mind for every organization. There isn’t much worse for your company’s reputation and viability than a data breach. With the right cybersecurity tools in place, you reduce risk and enable growth. IT’s value here is immeasurable. Consulting with cybersecurity professionals elevates your company’s ability to stay ahead of cyberthreats like viruses and malware. Without secure data, your business will be at a huge disadvantage, which could lead to you losing or not being able to acquire customers.

Virtual desktops deliver critical value

Your IT infrastructure will dramatically increase in value through the use of virtual desktops. When you have a large desktop environment to manage, it simply makes everything harder. Simplify access and increase worker productivity with virtual desktops. Virtual desktops also centralize the functions of patching, maintenance, and management via one interface. It allows for more freedom, so you can work more efficiently and experience less downtime. When you have these capabilities, your business can grow without barriers.

Increase the value of your IT with the right guidance

At Imagis, we offer a full suite of IT services to businesses, helping them achieve greater value and reduce complexities and cost. With professional guidance in place, the value of IT will forever be optimized to fit your company’s exact needs. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today.